Monday, January 14, 2013

Makeup Tip Monday!!!

Happy Monday Fashion Geeks!!!

The tip of the day is how to make your own lipgloss at home... This is for the ladies who haven't graduated to lipstick yet but still want to add a pop color to their look.. also for the lipstick addict who wants to tone it down a bit during the week...

It's simple and inexpensive
You will need:
Vaseline &
High pigmented eyeshadow (any color)

Just mix the eyeshadow into the vaseline
Yes! It's just that simple...
If you want more color just add more eyeshadow...
Apply and Go!

You can mix some in a small travel size container and throw it in your purse so you will always have it on deck... :)

Have a Fly & Fashionable day xoxoxo

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