Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Happy Hump Day Fashion Geeks!!!!!!

I pray your all having a fab week thus far :)

So I'm a lover of a nice pair of shoes. And strongly believe that shoes can actually make or break your look. So its very important to rock the right pair of shoes.

    Lets have Shoe Talk......

I'm gonna list my top 5 must have shoes for the fall 2012.
1. Python T-strap~ I'm really feeling the python shoes and think the possibilities are endless with this shoe. When I think of this shoes I think of all the colors I can rock. I would pair these shoes with an orange pencil skirt, a peplum pink blazer and lots of gold accessories.


2. Moccasin or Fringe boots are pretty darn cute and come in a variety of styles
so rock theses however you like. I personally would rock these with a nice pair of dark colored jeans and a over sized flowy blouse in cream or powder pink. 
3. Bring out the leopard woman within :). Leopard print is fun and daring I would pair these with a denim shirt a good pair of jeans and a red blazer. 
( when rocking a denim shirt with jeans please remember the denims do not have to match)
4. Flats~ Simple as that. Don't let anyone tell you that you cant be sexy in flats its all about how you rock them. There are so many different styles, I love the ones with hardware and embellishments. I would rock my flats with a cropped pair of high waist trousers (any color) a fitted girly tee and cute scarf....

5. Last but not least I'm a nudist! lol... No! but really nude is the new black in my book. I absolutely love a nude shoe. You cant go wrong with this color . I would pair these with almost any color and anything from shorts to a dress. Once you get a pair of nude shoes you will know exactly what I'm  talking about :)

Those are my top 5 must haves for fall 2012 some of these I already own and others I'm on a mission to purchase so once I get them I will post pics of how I rocked each shoe.

Be Fly & Fashionable and get some of theses must haves and rock them your way :)

Until the next time Happy Fashion, Fashion Geeks!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  1. I love a nude shoe to... I would love to see the python picks because I am looking for some new ones, I wore the previous pair I had to def!!

    1. Girl I'm searching high & low for the pythons ... But I kill my nude shoes lol