Thursday, August 9, 2012

Fly & Fashionable Weekend Escape.....

Happy Thursday Day Fashion Geeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I hope your all having a fab week thus far...

Just one more day until the weekend, do you have a weekend escape planned? 

If so I'm going to give you the essentials you need for a Fly & Fashionable weekend escape. I know we as women almost always over pack, but with these essentials you wont over pack but take exactly what you need. So pack lite and bring things that you can mix and match.
So no matter if your going on a mini Vacay doing a Stay Cation(explore your city), hitting the friendly skies or doing a road trip.

You will need
1. Luggage
2. Two Complete Day Outfits
3. Two Complete Night Outfits
4. Swimsuits (Depends on where your going, but check out my post "Beach Bombshell" for swimsuit ideas) 
5. Undergarments and pajamas
6. Toiletries
7. makeup
8. perfume 

 (Below I will just focus on the fashion aspect of the essentials)

Travel in style~ Every girl should own a stylish piece of luggage or a luggage set.
(NO!!! Grocery Bags allowed!!!!)

 You want simple,cute, and comfortable for your daytime picks.
These can be worn to breakfast, lunch, an early dinner or an outdoors event.

Untitled #13
You want sexy and fierce when hitting the town at night. Rather with your babe or with your homegirls sexy is always good :) I highly recommend comfortable heels just in case you have to walk a block or two.

Untitled #14

Sometimes the weather can be cooler when going out of town so its better to be safe than sorry. You will always want to pack a jacket or blazer in any color a pair of jeans in any wash or style and a white blouse to pair with anything in your luggage.

Just a quick example of how I would mix and match some of these items:
I would take the shorts in collage 1 and pair it with the blazer in collage 3 and shoes, accessories form collage 2 I could rock that either day or night.

So next time you have a weekend escape planned try these tips, so you can you have a Fly & Fashionable trip.

Until the next time Happy Travels, Fashion Geeks!!!!! ;)