Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Happy Hump Day Fashion Geeks!!!!!

As a woman it is very important that we wear the right jeans to compliment our shape and size. We all come in different shapes and sizes so no matter if your petite or very curvy you want jeans that look flattering on you.

So lets discuss Jeanology ( I make up words occasionally lol).... this is the study of the right pair of jeans for your shape.

Finding the right pair of jeans does not have to cost a lot so keep that in mind. But also remember its not a easy task finding the right pair of jeans.

Jeans are a very versatile piece of clothing. They can be worn any season and on most occasions.I love clothing that can be dressed up or down and jeans fall in that category.

Below are some examples of the jeans that compliment different body types. 

So get in where you fit in :) 

Boyd Type: Hourglass... 

High waist jeans are your friend, these jeans help define your waist and accentuate your curves.


 1. High waist trouser
 2. High waist crop
 3. High waist skinny jean


Body Type: Full Hips and Thighs

You want flares, flares and more flares these will accommodate your curves and balance out your proportions.


1.Flat front flares
2.Dark wash flares
3.Distress flares


Body type: Curvy 

Bootcut is what you need! these jeans will fit you well all over which will add clean lines and a straight fit throughout the leg.


1. Faded bootcut
2. Distressed bootcut
3.Long bootcut


Body Type: Petite

You want jeans that elongate the torso so you want all things cropped.


1. Low-rise crop
2. distress crop
3.baggy crop

Be Fly & Fashionable and think like a jeanologist( another made up word lol) next time you go jean shopping so you can find the right jeans, with the perfect fit just for you. :)

Until the next time Happy Fashion, Fashion Geeks!!!! :)  

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What to Wear in your 20's 30's and 40's

     Happy Hump Day Fashion Geeks!!!!!!!!!!

I been wanting to tackle this topic for a while now, because I see so many women dressed inappropriately for their age. You might ask the question what's age appropriate and what's not?
The truth of the matter is if you are in your 30's and people think your in your early 20's based off how you dress, that is a problem and  if you are in your 40's and people think your in your 50's based off how you dress that's a huge problem. So at any age you need balance in your wardrobe.You should not be dressed to young or to old.

I am a self proclaimed expert in this area :)

 Below are some ideas of what can be worn in each age group.

Chic 20's
 CHIC 20's

20's are a super fun time in your life. This is a time where anything goes with fashion. If you’re 20-something then your youth is one of the best things you have going for you so be sure you use it to your advantage. One of the benefits of being young is being able to wear the latest fashions. After all, most of these fashions were designed for women like you!
so be adventurous with your style in 20's

Flirty 30's

Your maturity level is in full effect and your ready to be taken seriously personally and professionally you have the work hard play harder attitude. You have found who you are when it comes to fashion. In your 30s, your wardrobe needs to work 24/7 you should be able to go to the office and look fab and then go out at night in the exact same thing. The new trend is to have your look take you from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. — no accessory changes necessary.

Fabulous 40's
Fabulous 40's 

The old rule of keeping hemlines below the knee once you hit 40 has been put to shame. Clearly, you don't want to go too mini (if it feels inappropriate, it probably is), but there's nothing that looks more fabulous than a nice dress in a fancy fabric paired with a beautiful colored blazer, a fierce shoe  and some bomb accessories.

I love color and think that it should be worn at any age so add lots of color or just pops of color to your wardrobe.

Dressing age appropriate is the Fly and Fashionable thing to do. So find the balance you need and apply it to your wardrobe.

Until the next time Happy Fashion, Fashion Geeks!!!! :) 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Posh Picnic Attire..............

Happy 4th of July Fashion Geeks!!!!!!!!

I pray your all having a blessed week thus far...

Today most of  you will be joining in on the 4th of July festivities
 rather it be a pool party, back yard BBQ, or a family picnic in the park

Here are some simple looks you can rock today or at your next picnic.... 

Your guarantee to be Fly & Fashionable  when you rock any of these....

Red, navy or nude espadrille or flat.. a colored wicker bag... silver or gold chunky accessories

Flesh colored  shoes..... wicker clutch.. chunky accessories
You cant go wrong with classic white.... jazz it up with lots of color or keep it simple..

Wicker clutch or handbag..wooden  or gold accessories...(I <3 the long floral dress it so me ;) )

Try some these simple but yet Fly &Fashion looks...

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday!!!!!!!!!!

Until the next time Happy Fashion, Fashion Geeks!!!! :)