Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Trendy Hair...........

Trendy Hair...........

 Happy Hump Day Fashion Geeks!!!!!!!!

I hope your all having a blessed week thus far..

Today I'm gonna give you some trendy tips on what you can do when your having a bad hair day or week :/. Over the weekend I did something that I usually don't do and that is wash my own hair. After washing it I had a serious mess on my hands and I started to panic, because I had somewhere to be that afternoon. But fortunately I stay up on the latest trends :) and was able to make something happen.

So I'm gonna give you the top 5 trendy hair accessories/styles to try next time your having a bad hair day or week.

1. Turban- 

2. Hair Chain

3. Fishtail

4. Head Scarf with a Bow


5. Embellished Headbands....

No one will ever know the next time your having a bad hair day or week if your rocking any of these...
 With these hair accessories/styles your hair can be worn up or down with small studs or big hoops rock it however you would like. I guarantee you will be Fly & Fashionable :)

 Until the next time Happy Fashion, Fashion Geeks!!!! :)

The is me on Sunday rocking my turban :)

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