Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring is in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spring is in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bebe stretchy jeans
$98 - bebe.com

NET-A-PORTER Magazine Spring Summer 2012 magazine
£7 - net-a-porter.com

So it’s officially here!!!! long awaited for and overdue.

Its Spring time! :) Happy Spring!

It’s time for toes out, shades on, long, sexy, elegant, girly sundresses and long beautiful days with lots of sun.

This season has lots of bold colorful trends and prints. Please don't be scared of color or the trendy prints that are in this season. These are a girl’s best friend. :)

You don't want to miss out on being Fly and Fashionable so try the things listed below this spring:

(The collage is a visual so you can see some of the trends)

Colored Jeans
Color Blocking (bottom right corner)
Tribal Prints (upper right corner)
Floral Prints (bottom corner on the trend report)
Wedges (gives you height and comfort)
Printed Scarves
Jumpers and Rompers (A must have!!!!!!!!!!!)
Maxi Dresses/Sundresses
Trouser Shorts......  
Absolutely No!!! Mom shorts... trouser shorts are short enough to show some skin but long enough to still look classy, and classy is key!

I absolutely love warm weather; my skin craves for the sun...So I'm overly excited about spring time :) 

I hope you are too!

Until the next time Happy Fashion, Fashion Geeks!!!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top 10 Essentials to Building a Wardrobe!

Building a Wardrobe.....

Long sleeve blouse
£75 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Jane Norman short shirt
€7 - janenorman.co.uk

Madewell denim jean jacket
$118 - madewell.com

Black and white blazer
£25 - dressrail.com

HUGO knee length pencil skirt
$310 - stylebop.com

Black pants
£45 - johnlewis.com

Rupert Sanderson high heel shoes
$605 - mytheresa.com

Givenchy earrings
$26 - nordstrom.com

Fiona Paxton braided necklace
$350 - calypsostbarth.com

PSA!! ( The above links are just a part of the collage and they show the prices for advertisements) Sorry!

  The most frustrating thing is having an event to attend with nothing to wear and not a lot of money to purchase a outfit, so you go to the closet and you stand there and stare then you begin to get more frustrated and perhaps even flustered when you find that there is nothing to put on. I know this experience all to well and it actually sucks! it can make or break you going out anywhere. 

But look no further I am here to help! the things you will need can be worn to work, school, happy hour, a nice date or on a casual relaxing weekend. Were gonna talk about building a wardrobe. Building a wardrobe can be a fun activity. 9 out 10 you probably have some of these things in your closet already.

The items that we will talk about can be dressed up or down or can go from day to night. These are the basic essentials to start building a wardrobe the items can be purchased for a good price at the right store. I'll give some places to shop at the end...

Lets Get Started!

The number one rule to building a wardrobe is VERSATILITY.. You want pieces that are Classic ...Unique ... and Timeless...

You will need:

1. A good pair of nice fitting jeans with the right cut and color ( avoid a lot of pockets because this can cause you to look frumpy ...you want a nice smooth silhouette)

2. A nice jean jacket perhaps one that is distressed and has a stonewashed color. This will look good with almost anything and can be dressed up or down. I'm a big fan of a jean jacket.. love them!!! but remember to get the right fit because the fit can make or break the look.

3. A nice form fitting blazer this is a absolute MUST Have!!. Its an essential item that every woman should have in their wardrobe  because this can be worn to work , school, happy hour, date night etc. I highly suggest that you have a few two solid colors and one print.

4. A nice blouse can go a very long way, don't be afraid to  play with  lots of  color, prints, ruffles or bows. a blouse is my personal favorite and and I have several colors and prints. :)

5.A pencil skirt I suggest a tweed for the winter and a cotton or linen  for the spring and summer or all three :). You can do solids or prints with a skirt as well but be very careful because some prints can make you look larger than you really are. And that's a no! no! 

6. Nude or Taupe pumps,flats or platforms whatever you like these will be your number #1go to's, because they can be worn with any color and almost anything thing. I consider these a timeless piece because they will never go out of style.

7. A statement necklace. the name speaks for itself its a must have in your wardrobe so you can be a showstopper while making a fashion statement. :)

8. Slacks or dress pants, again you want a good pair that fit not too tight or too loose but just right. these too can be dressed up or down. There are many fits and materials so choose what you like.

9. Every woman should own some pearls you cant go wrong with these because they are Classic and Timeless.

10. Basic Tee's are great to have because you can wear these winter, spring ,summer  and fall they come in different  fits, colors and materials but choose tees that compliment your body type.

Here are a couple of a bonus items:

1. Colorful scarves for all seasons can turn the simplest outfit all the way up.

2. A nice leather jacket in any color can take a pair of jeans or nice dress to the next level.

Some places to go to start building.....

Forever 21

Thrift Stores


Consignment Shops 

TJ Maxx


I hope you feel inspired to start building your wardrobe.  :)

Remember these are the basics to start with, once you have theses items your good to go and should have a better idea of what to put on when your going out and what to look for when shopping.

Until the next time Happy Fashion, Fashion Geeks!!!! :)



Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Low Down on Body Type!

So many women don't know their body type which is a BIG Problem. Learning your body type will help you dress smarter and be more successful when shopping. Most women love to shop and find it difficult to find clothes that compliment their shape. I will break down the body types and what kind of clothes you should buy to compliment each body type.

Above is a chart of the different body shapes..... We come in all different shapes and sizes so embrace what you got :)

 Lets get started :)

You’ve got a small frame in general, with little or no curves. Athletic women have small bone structures, with lower than average body fat percentage.

Signs you’re Athletic:

1. You’re an athlete!
2. You wear tall or petite sizes
3. Or you have a small bust size

Tips: If you aren’t very curvy, your goal should be to create curves (in the right places). If you have small breasts, wear push up or add-a-cup-size bras to make your top half larger. Wear knee-length skirts that flare out. A-line skirts are very flattering. Choose solid colors and avoid designs that are too detailed. You want a smooth appearance to make your breasts and butt pop out.


 You’re top heavy, and smaller from the waist down. The Apple is similar to the Hourglass, but you have slightly larger upper body with broad shoulders.

 Signs you’re Athletic:

1. Large chest or breasts for your frame
2. Broad shoulders
3. Or generally your upper body has a larger frame compared to your bottom’s

Tips: Avoid wearing low cut tops, instead wear shirts with high necklines or thick straps. Wrap shirts and wrap dresses are best for your  body type. V necklines are flattering as long as they don’t show too much cleavage. Because of your large chest, if you show too much, it can look somewhat sluty instead of flattering.

 You are smaller on top, and larger on the bottom. Think of a tear drop shape, it gets larger at the bottom. Chances are, you have trouble finding a dress the right size and your pant size is 2 or more sizes bigger than your shirt size.

Signs you are a Pear:

1. Large hips and thighs
2. Smaller upper body
3. When you gain weight, it tends to show up around your thighs and hips

Tips: If you want to draw the attention from how big your thighs and butt are, wear loose fitting tops with slim fitting pants or jeans. If you don’t mind your shape, then show off your curves with slim fitting clothes that accentuate your small waist. Remember that you should wear solid, dark colors on the bottom and lighter colors on top (light colors draw the attention to your top).


 A much sought after body, with a curvy body type. Well defined waist and proportional breasts and hips. If you turn sideways you can visualize an S shape on your body’s profile. Their only flaw? If they gain weight, they have a tendency to gain it all over the body.

Signs you are an Hourglass:

1. When shopping for clothes, your tops’ size always matches your bottoms’
2. You tend to have the most common body size, and have trouble buying clothes during a sale
3. Your the model type.. people tell you, you can be a model.

Tips: You’re one lucky woman! Highly imitated but never duplicated. With your body type you can pretty much wear any style you want.

The information listed will help you dress smarter and be more successful when shopping. 

Hope this helps... until the next time happy fashion... fashion geeks!